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About Delta NDT

Delta NDT Ltd.  specializes in manufacturing, supply and service&maintenance of NDT equipment for different industrial and medical applications.

Delta NDT is an official representative of the leading world manufacturers of NDT machines in the territory of CIS. Our partners are:

Magnetic Analysis Corporation (USA-Sweden) – ultrasonic , magnetic flux leakage  and eddy-current systems (exclusive distributorship)

CGM CIGIEMME (Italy) – magnetic particle systems and liquid penetrant systems with full range of consumables (exclusive distributorship)

Array Corporation Europe (Netherlands)  – X-Ray films digitizers of DC class (the only manufacturer of machines of this class in the world)

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Our experienced and highly professional staff carries completed range of activities necessary for successful distributorship:

-        Active promotion policy (due to long-term cooperation with key Russian enterprises such as TMK, OMK, ODK)

-        Marketing: awareness of Russian markets allows us to carry effective marketing policy with participation in main exhibition and conferences.

-        Service and maintenance (we have service centers in St.-Petersburg and Ural region which gives us great competitive advantage for equipment  to be delivered from abroad. Service works in 24/7 mode)

-        Certification and customs clearance (taking care of all nuances of these process:  getting all kind of certificates – GOST-R, Export Licence, etc.)

-        Technical Documentation

-        English-speaking staff  (both technical and commercial specialists)

We have our own production facility for design, assembly and installation of electrical cabinets, control boxes and electrical boards made under Customer specification.

Our company was founded in August, 2008 in St.Petersburg, Russia. Our specialists have been working in the field of NDT for more than 15 years.

For this period through the assistance of our company NDT equipment of different type was delivered and installed to the following Russian plants:




Volzhsky Pipe Plant

Synarsky Tube Plant



Volgorechensk Tube Mill

Belorussia Metalurgical Plant and many other...